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Sunday Worship Times:
AM Service - 9:30 AM
PM Service - 6:00 PM


The Elders have decided to resume “at-church” worship again this Sunday, May 3, 2020. Governor Reynolds announced on April 27 that she was lifting restrictions on religious worship services. The elders recognize that we have a responsibility to be wise in our decision of whether or not to resume “at-church” worship. We are eager to be together for our worship but must do it safely following safety measures suggested by Iowa Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control.

As a church we must encourage everyone to be wise and follow public health measures:

- Make use of hand sanitizer

- Always practice social distancing of 6 feet from others

- If you are sick or have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 stay home! Do not try and tough this one out in a public place. Stay home!

- Wear face coverings (masks, bandannas, scarves, etc.) especially if social distancing is not feasible.

- If you are at high risk of serious infection from COVID-19 stay home.

What is the same as we resume “at-church” worship:

9:30 AM service

In the sanctuary

What is Different:

- Cleanliness Stations with hand sanitizer will be placed by the West Entrance (main doors) and the North Entrance (kitchen doors) of the church.

- Doors will be propped open to lower exposure to high contact areas. Deacons with protective masks will open doors if the weather is not conducive to keeping the doors open.

- We will not have greeters.

- Seating in the sanctuary will follow social distance guidelines. Families may sit together but must remain at least 6 feet apart from others.

- Elders with protective masks will usher you to seats.

- The pew Bibles and Psalter Hymnals have been removed. Please bring your own Bible to use at church. Songs will be projected for singing.

- Offering plates will be put in the back of church after the service where you can place your tithes and offerings.

- We will not have coffees and cookies after church. Even though we would like to visit after church like we normally do, we are asking everyone to move outdoors and practice social distancing after the service.

- No nursery will be provided. The nursery will be open if a parent needs to step out with a child. The toys have been removed from the nursery at this time.

- Announcement sheets and the order of worship will be placed in church mail slots instead of on the back table.

- Sunday School and Catechism will not resume until next fall at the earliest.

We had hoped that when we returned to worship it could be a grand celebration of God’s faithfulness through a tough time. However, as we celebrate God’s faithfulness, the challenges with the coronavirus will likely continue for a long while. In fact, many churches are planning for the possibility that we will have to return to “at-home” worship some time in the future if Sioux County sees its infection rate rise quickly. So, we ought to cherish the time that we can worship together this coming Sunday.

We also know that it will not be wise for people in some family situations (elderly parents, very young children) or in some occupations (health care and long term care workers) to be in a larger gathering of people. For everyone who doesn’t feel it is wise to return to worship, please feel free to stay home. We will be trying to broadcast the service live on Facebook live stream. CDs will be provided by the elders on Monday to all those who do not have internet access.

Thanks for your continued prayers for the Elders and Deacons in these uncertain times. We praise God for his faithfulness in the hard times and the good times.